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ShenZhen Changdashun Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Based in Shenzhen China,VgateTechnology.co,ltd.specialized in the development, design and manufacture of diagnostic equipment, tools and accessories in the automotive aftermarket industry.

We offers a selective range of products from automotive diagnostic tools including code readers and scan tools, to test and inspection equipment such as sensor testers and battery testers. Aside from the above, we also carry garage equipment like infrared paint dryers and pipe expanders, and automotive diagnostic accessories such as OBD diagnostic cable assemblies, SAE J1962 connectors, and vehicle to PC (or PDA) interface adapters (VAG-COM interfaces).


Though the company is young in age, we are strong in experiences in that all of our major engineers have extensive R&D experience in the automotive aftermarket technology. With the combination of our experienced and distinguished specialists, low-cost manufacturing and exceptional customer service, M.B is able to become the supplier of choice who delivers high quality products, user-friendly designs and most competitive prices to both professional and amateur (or DIYers) automotive technicians.


We are proud of ourselves in providing cost effective, timely and innovative solutions with a first class service.


Mission Statement

We strives to be a global leading provider of smart diagnostic equipments and tools by offering our customers unparalleled value in the automotive aftermarket.


Company Philosophy

We depend on our customers and therefore should understand current and future customer needs, should meet customer requirements and make every effort to delight customers by exceeding their expectation.

Company Details

Main Market

North America

South America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia

Middle East




Business Type





Trading Company

Brands : Vgate Icar V-LINK

No. of Employees : 490~500

Annual Sales : 10 million-20 million

Year Established : 2006

Export p.c : 80% - 90%

Company History

2008.8,  developed a new diagnostic tool that is fully OBDII compatible

2008.10,  arranged a tour of Guilin, Guangxi for 3 days for all staff 

2008.11,  developed diagnostic cables for VW&Audi, and sold very well

2009.3,  cooperated with Scantool via our distributor at home

2009.4,  arranged a tour of Yunnan for 7 days for all staff

2009.6, developed the first simple edition of OBDII Scantool, own features of light, convenient and easy operation.

2009.8, got the OEM order for MB880 from Moshe in Israel.  

2009.9, developed code reader for VW&Audi and other cars, bringing into production

2010.3, moved to a new factory of 2000 sq.m.,

2010.4, developed a series of airbag reset tools and maintenance overhaul reset tools
2010.6, developed full OBDII compatible code reader and brought into production
2010.6, got the ODM from UK company Gendan
2010.7, successfully registered Vgate  

2010.8, Buyobd visited us and negotiated the details for further cooperation
2010.9, arranged a tour of Qingyuan for 2 days

2010.10, designed a new mini OBDII scantool bluetooth and wifi version

2010.11, celebrated for the great achievements reached the whole year

2011.3, developed a new OBDII compatible scantool which supports auto sleep and auto wakeup functions

2011.5, developed diagnostic tools for Opel

2011.6, the production lines increased from 3 to 5, can hold 100 staffs.

2011.9, arranged a tour of Wuyuan, Jiangxi for 3 days

2011.11, developed professional diagnostic tools for Citroen and Peugeot

2012.3, cooperated with Xtech’s branch company in China
2012.5, founded our branch company HK Vgate Technology Co., Ltd in Hongkong
2012.6, developed a new OBDII code reader iCar and put into production

2012.9, registered the brandname iCar
2012.12, founded our branch company Vgate LLC in the United States

2013.4, arranged a tour of Hangzhou for 3 days
2013.5, developed iCar2

2013.8, developed an advanced code reader and put into production and selling
2013.12, sales broke through the history

2014.4, established the Wire Production Department

2014.6, developed about 100 types of car cables and connectors and put into production
2014.7, developed iCar3

2014.12, made preparation for the Foreign Trade Department

2015.3, founded the Foreign Trade Department
2015.5, made preparation for comanpy’s self-built production base

2015.8, became the shareholder and strategic partner with UK company Autonect
2015.10, the president of Autonect visited our company and negotiated cooperation matters
2015.11, the self-built production base is under construction, plan to be completed in May, 2016.



Company Service

We provide OEM/ODM services for customers around the world. We have established a global network that helps us work closely with customers and met customer's requirements in a faster speed. "Vgate Group" has established long-term strategic relationships with many Chinese factories in automotive electronic industries. Currently, we are exporting more than 95% of our products to clients in West Europe, the USA, South Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We have implemented a comprehensive quality control system.

Company Team


With the accumulated expertise and versatile service unit and the totally development of product based on customers' requirements, ODM/OEM services are provided for the customers around the world.

Our number one priority is you and we are not afraid to show it!

Make the smart choice! Choose "Vgate" for all your automotive equipment needs.


Address: 908-909,Zhenhua Times Square, Heping Road No. 21, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Factory Address:417 Building 4, NO 2 Industrial Zone, Zhuguang Xili Nanshan District Shenzhen China